Use of Pheromones in Pest Control

Pheromones can be synthesized chemically and used as attractants in traps. The most important part of the trap is the apparatus that carries this attractant. This mimics the sexual scent of the female insect and lures the male individuals into the trap. Pheromones are species-specific, and males are attracted by this scent, which is released only from females of their own species.

For monitor purposes; In order to detect and monitor the pest, at the beginning of the production period, traps are hung on each olive field with at least 1-2 traps per hectare. Insects caught in the traps in certain periods are counted and information about the adult flight activity and density of the pest is provided. Based on this information, appropriate fighting methods and time are determined.

Mass purpose; In lands with 1.500-2.000 trees, it is sufficient to hang 1 trap per tree (20 traps / decare), and in isolated gardens, it is sufficient to hang 1 trap on both trees (10 traps / decare).

It is used with a plastic bag containing pheromone and attractant and a 25x40 cm yellow sticky trap. The trap is hung on the side branches of the plant at a height of 150 cm from the ground. The adhesive plate is replaced if it becomes dirty or covered with insects. The duration of action of the pheromone and attractant is 4-6 weeks, depending on the temperature conditions.

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