BKS Roll Clips

BKS Roll Clips

BKS ROLL CLIPS® is PE in different colors with different wavelengths, color density and brightness, used in crop cultivation in indoor and outdoor agricultural areas, in the fight against pests (insects, insects, etc.). AND PP. It is a strip trap connection apparatus with a lower body that ensures the fixation of the adhesive strip traps made of plasticine in the agricultural field, and an upper body that is clamped on the said lower body.

The aim of the invention is to replace the strip traps on elements such as poles or wires with new traps quickly and easily in the production season, depending on the insect density, in greenhouses or open agricultural areas.

Another aim of the invention is to ensure that the strip traps are fixed in small pieces between each pole and wire in the area where they are used, to ensure that the strip traps are used in the desired size and to keep them taut.

It is easily mounted on the greenhouse plant hanger wires without the need for an additional product, by means of the cross legs on the back of the apparatus. It can be easily moved up and down. It can remain fixed at the desired point without applying any operation. This ensures a more efficient and practical use of the strip trap product in the greenhouse. In addition, it can be easily fixed on the greenhouse poles by means of two plastic Velcro clamps. The strip traps, which are clamped between the main element on the back surface by means of the movable element on the front of our fixed apparatus, are easily fixed and thus the strip trap is attached at the desired tension. Since strip traps need to be changed frequently during the season, it enables the application to be carried out quickly and easily.


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