Tuta Water Trap

Tuta Water Trap


  1. Water level adjustable red color trap (color option available). A green basket with a white lid is available to hold the pheromone capsule.
  2. BKS water trap has been specially designed to catch the butterfly in the best way.
  3. It is set to work 4-5 hours a night.
  4. It is suitable for both open field and greenhouse use.
  5. Safe use on soil surface in open field conditions.
  6. Suitable for mass combat. It has been specially designed for mass struggle.
  7. Compatible with biological control systems. Solar powered self-controlled light system.
  8. Safe, effective and environmentally friendly system. Capsule not included.
  9. Size: Water Trap: 73 mm(h), diameter 370 mm(Ø) / Light System: 270 mm(h), diameter 56 mm(Ø)

Usage: Distribute the water traps evenly in the greenhouse and place them at a height of 20 cm from the ground between the rows. Fill the water trap with water up to the top of the overflow level. Pour approximately 150 ml of vegetable oil to form an oil film on the water surface. Put the pheromone capsule in the green basket and close it with the white cap. Fix the basket in the hole in the center of the red trap. For surveillance use 2-4 traps/ha with Tuta absoluta pheromone, for mass capture use 20-40 traps/ha depending on insect pressure.

Renew the pheromone every 6-8 weeks.

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