BKS Yellow Sticky Trap

BKS Yellow Sticky Trap

Observational Use

In greenhouses, immediately after the seedling period, 20 yellow sticky traps should be hung approximately 20 cm above the plant for observation purposes. Sticky traps should be raised in parallel with the growth of the plant. Traps are checked frequently to determine the number of insects caught. After the caught adult insects are counted and recorded, they are removed from the traps or the trap is replaced with a new one. The number of insects detected in observation traps is a very effective method in determining the time and form of struggle.

Mass Capture Use

It is recommended to hang 100-120 yellow sticky traps per decare. The time to start the fight is very important here. The specified number of traps should be placed in the environment with or just before planting the plants. The traps should be checked periodically to see if they are filled with insects. Traps that are covered with insects and therefore have a reduced sticky area should be replaced with new ones. This practice should be continued throughout the production period.

PESTS IT CONTROLS: It is effective against many pests such as whitefly, aphids, fruit flies, thrips.
PURPOSE OF USE: It is used for observation and combat purposes.
DIMENSIONS: 25x10 cm, 25x20 cm, 25x40 cm,

(Different sizes can be produced upon request.)


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