Fighting Houseflies

Fighting Houseflies

Houseflies can be a big problem for both plant breeding and livestock farms. These irritating insects can affect crops, causing yield loss and threatening the health of animals. Fortunately, effective methods and special products are available to combat houseflies. In this article, we will talk about effective methods of controlling houseflies and especially our Housefly Bucket Traps and Yellow Barnroll products.

  1. Cleaning and Hygiene Measures: Cleaning and hygiene measures are very important to reduce the breeding grounds of houseflies. Regular cleaning of waste and garbage, storing food in closed containers and maintaining cleanliness standards will prevent the reproduction and spread of house flies.

  2. Housefly Bucket Traps: Housefly bucket traps are an effective method of catching houseflies. These traps work with an attractive bait placed inside a specially designed bucket. Houseflies are drawn towards the food and fall into the bucket, after which they cannot get out. These traps effectively reduce the number of houseflies and thus provide a better environment for plant breeding and livestock.

  3. Yellow Barnroll (Housefly Trap): Yellow Barnroll is a product also known as housefly trap. This yellow roll has a sticky surface to which houseflies are attracted and cling to. It can be effectively used in animal farms, barns and other fields. Since houseflies are attracted to the color yellow, they are easily caught in this trap and remain on the sticky surface. This product is an effective tool in controlling houseflies.

  4. Insecticides: Insecticides are chemical products that are widely used in the fight against houseflies. However, natural and environmentally friendly insecticides should be preferred. Plant protection companies can offer effective and environmentally friendly insecticides and provide information on how to use them.

Combination of several methods gives the best results in controlling houseflies. While applying cleaning and hygiene measures reduces the number of houseflies, a more effective control can be achieved by using special products such as Housefly Bucket Traps and Yellow Barnroll. With these methods, a healthier environment can be created for plant breeding and livestock enterprises.

Remember, it takes constant effort to control houseflies. It is important to practice the methods regularly and to use the products according to their instructions. In addition, it is important to get support from professional plant protection companies, to choose the right products and to create an effective housefly control program.

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