Trials have been established in different regions related to the olive fly. These images belong to our experiment in Antalya Zeytinpark.

Pheromones were used with yellow delta trap and yellow sticky card traps.

Definition : Adult; 4-6mm. tall, bright brown and honey colored. Head and antennae have 3 light brown bands on yellow chest. In females, the abdomen is wider and has an egg-laying needle at the end. Egg 0.7-0.9 mm. tall, matte white in color and in the shape of a shuttle. Larva; It is legless and transparent white in color. The head is thin, the body thickens backwards, conical cylindrical in appearance. In mature form, it is 6-8.5 mm long and 1.3-1.9 mm wide. Pupa; 3.8-5 mm in length. width .7-2 mm. It is brown in color and in the shape of a barrel. Since the edible products are in liquid form, they are used with special bottles.

Biology: The olive fly mostly spends the winter in the form of pupae at a depth of 2-5 cm in the soil. Adults begin to emerge from the soil in June and feed on sweet substances in the vicinity for a while to reach egg laying maturity. After June 20, when the fruits begin to become suitable for laying eggs, the first eggs are seen in the fruits. Eggs are laid 0.5-1 mm deep into the fruit. A female can lay 200-250 eggs. The incubation period in summer is 2 days at 18 °C. This period extends to 6-.10 days in autumn. The larva that emerges from the egg feeds by opening galleries in the fruit flesh. 1,2,3 complete their larval stages and become mature larvae. Larval development period is 15-16 days. Mature larvae come to the surface of the fruit, gnaw the fruit membrane and become a pupa by retreating 2-3 mm. The pupa forms in the fruit at the beginning of the season, and in the soil or on the tree at the end of the damage period. Pupation can last from 4-12 days to a few months, depending on the climate. 4-5 in files; It gives 3-4 generations in Marmara, 2-5 generations in Southern Anatolia and 3-4 generations in Black Sea Region. The development period of a generation is 30-40 days.

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