BKS Yellow Roll Trap

General Features:
Glue's catching capacity and precision are high. Does not lose stickiness and resintant to sunbeam (UV). Does not get effected by rain, sun, low-high temperature.
Yellow roll traps are non-toxic for humans and animals.

How To Use?
Target pests are the same with card type traps'. Roll traps rather used for mass-trapping.
Yellow roll traps are used in the greenhouses, which ventilation windows are on sides, by streching between bars with intent of catching pests entering first time into greenhouse. By streching along the bars, the optimum number of traps are distributed in the greenhouse. For 1 ha, approximately 1500m roll trap is enough. Also it can be used by placing suitable positions in open field cultivating.
In fruit yards, it can be used by streching between trees. Also, it can be used for protection against pests coming from soil by rolling trees' stem.

TARGET PESTS: Many pests like white fly, aphids, fruit fly, thrips

USAGE: Mass-trapping
LENGTH: 100 m.
WIDTH : 5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm

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