BKS Yellow&Black Roll Trap

General features:
The adhesive has high insect catching capacity and sensitivity. Roll traps do not lose their stickiness and are resistant to sunlight (UV). It is not affected by adverse environmental conditions such as rain, sun, low and high temperatures.
It is not toxic to humans and animals.

How to use?
The pests that the yellow&black stripe (roll) trap controls are the same as the card-type traps. Roll traps are used rather for combat purposes.

Application Places and Shapes;
Roll traps are applied in greenhouses with ventilation windows on the sides, by attaching them to the poles of the greenhouse along the edges, from the inside of the greenhouse to the gap of the window. The aim is to catch the pest at its first entrance to the greenhouse. The optimum distribution of enough traps in the greenhouse is ensured by being tightly attached between the poles in the greenhouse. 1 da. for about 150 m. A roll trap is enough. It can also be used in open field cultivation by attaching to suitable places.

It can be applied by pulling between trees in orchards. It can also be used by wrapping the trunks of trees for insects that pass from the soil and the environment to the plants.

Pests it controls: White fly, aphids, fruit flies, thrips, tuta absoluta.

USAGE PURPOSE: Used for combat purposes.
LENGTH: 100 m.
WIDTH: 5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm

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