BKS Tutaroll Transparent

TUTAROLL is 30 cm wide and 100 m long. A special Tuta absoluta pheromone was applied along the middle of the strip. The special pheromone applied on the TUTAROLL is pending to be activated, it will start operating when the application is opened in the area of use. Because the high amount of adhesive surface, it provides great opportunity to fight more effectively. Traps, in the greenhouse, must be fastened or mounted between poles or appropriate base, placed as pieces with sufficient length, so that they are placed homogeneously in a greenhouse.

Compared to other tuta protection methods (water trap, delta trap) sticky surface and pheromonized area is larger.


Transparent tutaroll is developed specifically for Tuta absoluta. Especially in the areas of biological control, it does not edversely affect beneficial insects. For 1 decar or 2 decar 100m trap is recommended.

Storage conditions: Should be stored in cool and dry place.

Storage time: approximately 1 year under proper conditions.

Exposure time: 45-60 days is average.

Target Pests: Tuta Absoluta

Usage: Mass-trapping

Lenght: 100 m.

Width: 30 m.

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