Tuta Absoluta Pheremone

Pheromone Usage in Plant Protection
Pheromones can be synthesised chemically and can be used as attractant on traps. The most important part of the trap is the device that carries the attractant . This device imitates female's scent and attracts males to the traps. Pheromones are species-specific and males are attracted to the scents of their conspecific female.

Pheromones Patterns Of Use
Some sticky traps are put in monitoring area. By counting caught pests in a specific period of time; datas like existence of pests, flying activity, density can easily be obtained. According to these datas, chemical dosages and application time can easily be set.

Using phremone traps with the intent of mass-trapping can significantly decrease pest density. Mass-trapping is an effective and reliable method for decreasing pests' new generation damages or keeping at economical threshold. Helps plant protection without polluting the nature and without using chemicals. Due to species-specificness, pheromones is not harmful for beneficial or harmless insects.

Tuta absoluta pheromone is compatible with water traps and deltra traps.
Can be used with the start of planting in greenhouse or open field cultivation.
For monitoring: 1pcs/3 ha
For mass-trapping : 4-5/da
Pheromone's bench life is 6 to 8 weeks which varies due to ambient conditions.

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