Water Traps

A red plate with an integrated overflow system. (Various color possible) A green basket with a white lid to put in the pheromone lure.BKS Watertrap synergistic combination of sex pheromone and specific wavelength of light to maximize the trap catch of Tuta absoluta. BKS Watertrap contains special wavelength of light to attract male and female Tuta absoluta.
Operates 4-5 hours of the night. Suitable for both green house and open field application. Ideal for mass trapping. In open field condition secure firmly with ground level.
200-300% more effective than the standard pheromone traps. Specially design for mass trapping. Compatible with biological control systems. Solar powered self controlled light system.
Safe, effective and environmentally friendly system Lures are not included.

Dimensions: Water Trap:73 mm(h), diameter 370 mm(Ø) / Light system: 270 mm(h), diameter 56 mm(Ø)

How to use: Distribute the water traps equally over the greenhouse. Place it within the plant lines, on substrate flap or at ± 20 cm height from the soil. Fill the trap with water till reaching the maximum level of the overflow system. Pour approximately 150 ml of vegetable oil to create an oil film on the water surface. Put the pheromone lure in the green basket; close it with the white lid. Fix the closed basket in the hole located in the centre of the red plate. Use 20-40 water traps per hectare.It use with Tuta absoluta pheromone, for monitoring: 1-2 traps/ha, for mass-trapping: 20-40 traps/ha, depending on the pest pressure. Replace the pheromone lures every 6-8 weeks

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