BKS Roll Clips

BKS ROLL CLIPS® is a strip trap connection tool that has a bottom body which ensures fixing sticky strip traps, which are produced from PE(polietilen) and PP(polipropilen) in different colours that have varying wavelengths and colour intensity and brightness, and which are used in pest (insects, etc.) control in cultivation of products in closed and open agricultural fields, on the agricultural land and an upper body interlocked on the said bottom body.

The purpose of the invention is to enable renewing strip traps in greenhouses or open agricultural fields quickly and easily within cultivation season over the elements like pole or wire depending on pest intensity.

Another purpose of the invention is to enable fixing strip traps in small pieces between each pole and wire it is used in the field and thus, being able to use them in the size demanded and keeping them stiff.

Thanks to the cross legs on the back of the tool, it can easily be mounted on plant slings in greenhouses without requiring any additional tools. It can be moved upwards or downwards easily. It can be fixed on the point intended without any further process. This enables using strip traps more efficiently and practically within the greenhouse. Moreover, it can be easily fixed on poles of greenhouse through two plastic zip ties. Strip traps compressed between the main part on the back surface by means of mobile part on the front face of the fixed tool will thus be easily fixed and in this way, strip traps will be fastened in the intended stiffness. As strip traps need to be changed frequently within the season, it enables doing it quickly and easily.

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