BKS Delta Traps

Deltra traps are used for monitoring in vineyards, gardens, greenhouses and open field. Delta traps are in colors which attracts target pests, also a pheromone can be put inside to detect first flights of pests. In this way, ecomical threshold can be identified and time of protection can be determined. Glue's catching capacity and precision are high. During using delta trap, it does not stick on your hands or clothes. Does not lose stickiness and resintant to sunbeam (UV). Sticky surfaces of delta traps are covered with protection film. Does not get effected by rain, sun, low-high temperature. Can be combined with pest pheromones.
Non-toxic for humans and animals.


USAGE: Monitoring or mass-trapping
COLOURS : Yellow, Red, White or desired colors.
DIMENSIONS : 60 cm X 25 cm

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