Quality Management

Our understanding of quality management is a management style which; aims to surpass the client's expectations, supports the teamwork, ensures reviewing and enhancements of all processes.

Participation of all employees, all aspects of the works we do, clients and both products that we produce and the whole service we give, presenting of products and services that meet the present clients' expectations and needs fully and in time plus surpasses the future expectations of them, managerial staff's leading of employees in all subjects, managerial staff's being an example model for employees and supplying participative management all across the company; states our understanding of quality management.


1. Customer Orientation,

2. Supplier Relations Based On Mutual Benefit,

3. Participation Of Employees,

4. Leadership,

5. The Process Approach,

6. Continuous Enhancements,

7. Realistic Approachment When Deciding,

8. System Approach In Management

Quality Is A Life Style For Us.

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