BKS Yellow & Blue Sticky Trap

Two color advantage in single card!

TARGET PESTS: Many pests like white fly, aphids, fruit fly, thrips
USAGE: Monitoring and mass-trapping.

For Monitoring
Just after planting, sticky traps have to be hung 20cm above the plant, with the intent of monitoring. Parallel to plant growing, traps have to be risen. Traps have to be checked frequently to count pests. After counting the caught adult pests, they have to be removed and trap has to be changed with new one.
Usage of sticky traps with the intent of monitoring is a very effective to determine the time and method in plant protection.

For Mass-trapping
1000-1200/ha is recommended. The moment to start protection is very important. With the planting or just before planting, recommend quantity of traps should be placed in production area. Traps should be checked frequently to check if the traps are full with pests. Fully covered traps with pests, waned sticky surface, have to be changed with new ones. This method should be continued whole production period.

DIMENSIONS: 25 cm X 10 cm, 25 cm X 40 cm
(Can be produced in different
dimensions by demand.)

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