About Us

BKS, which got started in the year 2013 with an experience of 26 years and participation of Antilsan, opened a new door into agriculture sector. BKS, in the scope of biotechnical struggle, produces yellow, blue and yellow & blue coloured card type adhesive traps, strip type traps, delta type traps and special trap varieties that are used in different fields, on the purpose of observing and struggling harmful insects.

Wholesaling and retail sale for UV light fly holder traps for flying pests at houses , food production and selling places and workplaces .

By making the product surpass global standards with highly technologic substructure and high production capacity, our company aims to need the demands of local and foreign markets. Our company advanced with confident steps since the foundation and with exporting %70 of the whole productions it has succeeded to export to a lot of countries. It will continue growing with R&D works that adds new productions to our sector.

For a better habitable World, BKS supports sustainable agriculture, targets food safety, adopts a production model which priorities human and nature health with protecting natural balance.

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